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2018 Goals

New year, new me is a phrase that has truly stood the test of time. Each year, millions create unrealistic New Years Resolutions and goals that unfortunately are ditched within the first month of the new year. I’ve been guilty of creating lavish and extreme goals that become too overwhelming, therefore, are never completed. This year I wanted to set some goals for the year that don’t completely freak me out anytime I think of them and not only better my lifestyle, but also who I am as a person.


I’ve always been envious of those that have the time and funds to travel all over the world. They get to explore and live life in new countries and experience cultures that they otherwise would never come across. Instead of jealously scrolling through Instagram I want to making travel a reality. In order to do so I need to start setting aside a certain amount of money each month dedicated to travel. I don’t know exactly where I will go, but I have a feeling 2018 will bring a refreshing change to the bores of everyday life.


When I was younger I used to read every single night for hours and hours. I could never have enough books to read and I rarely left the library without at least 10. As school became tougher and technology became more prominent, I lost my love for reading. Why read when there is so much more I could or should be doing? This year I want to gain that excitement back for something I truly loved. Instead of watching another episode on Netflix I plan to get in the habit of picking up a book instead.

3 Pull Ups

This past summer I joined a gym and sadly fell off during finals and the holiday season. This year I want it to truly become a habit, but instead of simply saying “go to the gym more” I wanted to set an actual numerical goal. I’ve never been able to do a single pull up and this year I plan to train and get stronger so that I can finally not only lift myself, but do it 3 whole times. Wish me luck.

Laptop + Camera

Now that I have this lovely blog I want it to be what I have always envisioned it to be. I want to create quality work both through my writing, but also through the photography in each post and the general appearance of the website. I plan to save in order to get the best tools I can that will assist me to create the beauty that I have in my head.

Save $ For Moving Out

I’ve dreamed of my own apartment in downtown Chicago ever since High School. While I don’t see myself being financially stable enough to move out on my own this year, I do want to begin saving to finally get that apartment of my dreams.

New Job

With graduation approaching quicker and quicker, getting a job is becoming a top priority so that I can not only afford all of these things that I’m trying to save for, but also all the treats that I am going to inevitably buy myself this year.

1,000 on Instagram

Number of followers is by no means reflective of the quality work one does, but I do want to share the things that I make or write with like minded people. Building a following on Instagram has proven to be somewhat more difficult than I had anticipated hah, but this year I want to post more often and not disappear for months at a time.

If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it.

I read this quote a few weeks ago and it has truly stuck with me. In the past I’ve had trouble both accepting the new and letting go of the past. I’ve learned, however, that there is no way one can grow if they are constantly living in the past or are too afraid of the future. This year I want to accept all opportunities that come my way even if they absolutely terrify me. I also want to actively practice letting go both things and people that no longer benefit me. I consider myself to be quite loyal to those that matter to me, but sometimes it’s ok, even more than ok, to just let go. If someone doesn’t want to be in my life or have me be apart of theirs then that is something I need to accept. I can’t control everything and putting in effort into something that simply just isn’t there anymore will only destroy me and no one else. Breathe and let it happen.

Don’t give parts of yourself to people who don’t want all of you.

To be completely honest I’m just tired that it has become socially acceptable to use one another for one reason or another. I’ve learned that there are many disingenuous people in the world and I no longer want to share any part of myself with people who don’t want all of me. I only want to create and work towards meaningful friendships and relationships with others who want me in their life as much as I want them in mine. Everyone else simply doesn’t matter.


My final and most important goal of 2018 is to be happy! Life threw me some rough lessons and experiences in 2017 and I still ended the year happy. I want that to continue into not only 2018, but for the rest of my life!

My main theme for the year is to simply live life and let it happen. Live it through all of the good, the bad, and everything in between.

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