A Music Renaissance

Music has always been such a huge part of who I am. My early days consisted of blasting the Cheetah Girls and Spongebob CDs that I bought from Borders on my radio (that statement sounded ancient), middle school was one big pop punk blur, early high school is when I hit my folk phase, and end of high school is when I first started dabbling in indie and EDM. Each phase can be defined by certain genres, artists, and songs that essentially made up the playlists of my life. Since music has always played such a huge role in who I am, I wanted to start a sort of series here on Officially Overdressed. At the end of each month I plan to round up my top 5 songs that I listened to or liked the most during the month and add them all in one playlist. I want it to be as authentic as possible so you’ll definitely be finding some weird picks here.

Since this is the first month, I’m still working on how I want to organize all of this. I’ll start off with linking to the actual song on Spotify, next will be my favorite lyric, then I might write a lil somethin somethin, and finally I’ll most likely leave other songs by that artist I really like because I truly can’t control myself. I mainly want the songs to speak for themselves so I recommend really taking the time to listen. This month I totally cheated my own made up rule of only 5, so I have a few extra songs in the playlist. If you want to see what I listened to most last month or just looking for some cool new song, keep on reading, or rather listening.

Tell me why’d you have to have such a damn good taste in music?
Yeah if all my favorite songs make me think of you I’m gonna lose it

Last month essentially sparked a musical renaissance within my own life and I found SO many great songs all in the span of like two days. SWMRS have been the leaders of this so called renaissance and I’ve included multiple songs of theirs in the playlist, however, Lose It is my favorite. Love the vibe it has and the lyrics are just A+.

Honorable Mentions: Miss Yer Kiss, Turn Up, Miley

Now I gotta add you to my list of people to try and forget about,
Now I gotta add yours to my list of faces to not think about

Tame Impala is another somewhat recent find even though some of their songs managed to make it into my Top Songs of 2017 playlist on Spotify. It’s safe to say I’ve been obsessed. Not sure how I missed this song when I first was listening to them, but I’m glad I finally gave it the attention it deserves. As with most songs, the lyrics are what first grabbed me, but the music itself is really chill and a great late night song.

Honorable Mentions: The Less I Know The Better, Eventually, Yes I’m Changing, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

The truth
That I did it with another girl on Thursday after you
All this shit we did up on your birthday
Honestly, it’s just to me another Thursday

blackbear’s Cybersex was released at the very end of November and was consequently all I listened to during the first half of December. He’s one of my all time favs so if you haven’t already listened to this new album, or any of his songs tbh, I’d suggest getting on it.

Honorable Mentions (just from Cybersex): anxiety, i hope your whole life sux, down 4 u, glo_up, santa monica & la brea

She’s a psycho from a Midwest suburb
No straightjacket could hold her
Wild eyes they would lure me in her trap
I go mad just to hold her

Honorable Mentions: Fake Denim, Bootleggin’, Make Time

Cause I’m sick of losing soulmates, so where do we begin?
I can finally see you’re as fucked up as me
So how do we win?

I ain’t Nostradamus
But the future is upon us

Here’s one of those weird ones that I was talking about. I had a random week of just Michael Bublé and I had to add him in even though it truly does not make sense with the rest of the vibe. It’s a fun song, I really like when he says Nostradamus ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Honorable Mentions: Nobody But Me, On an Evening in Roma (Sott’er Celo de Roma), Someday

As I mentioned I didn’t want to overly saturate this post with my thoughts and wanted the songs to speak for themselves. There’s a pretty interesting mix here and I hope you can see why I was obsessively listening to each.

I’ve inserted the entire playlist here in the post, but you can also find it on my spotify page or just search my name; Julita Hryniewicki. I have a lot of playlists with different generes so if this wasn’t exactly what you’re into, trust me there’s more (check out the one titled renaissance if you want a larger taste of what I’ve been recently vibing to.) Love talking music so if you have any cool finds definitely share in the comments below.

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