Hi! My name is Julita. I am 22 years old, I live in Chicago, and I am that friend. You know, the one who shows up to 8 am classes or a lowkey hangout in heels, bold lipstick, and whatever new outfit they managed to come up with this time around.

I’ve been a silent observer and lover of the fashion and beauty communities for years and as you can imagine I have amassed quite a bit to say!

If your name and “overdressed” have become synonymous for each other, then consider yourself in the right place. Officially Overdressed is for the people who don’t quite understand the word “chill.” The ones that have felt the uncomfortable glances when they walk in somewhere not matching the rest of the vibe. The ones who try out new looks or aesthetics just for the fun of it. And most importantly, the ones who just don’t care! At the end of the day, everything can be changed or washed off so why not make life a little interesting.

A beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or whatever else I can think of blog for my fellow over dressers.