A Music Renaissance

Music has always been such a huge part of who I am. My early days consisted of blasting the Cheetah Girls and Spongebob CDs that I bought from Borders on my radio (that statement sounded ancient), middle school was one big pop punk blur, early high school is when I hit my folk phase, and… Read More A Music Renaissance


Favorite Fall Blushes

Blush has quickly become one of my favorite makeup products, even sometimes over passing my one true love, lipstick. Fall time brings a change in tones and color palettes in not only wardrobes, but also makeup. These are my current favorite fall blushes that work well with the fall color palettes of the season. Marc… Read More Favorite Fall Blushes


How To: Blotted Lips

With Fall well underway some may be wondering how they can update their makeup routine. All products may feel boring and you’re looking for something new without having to spend hundreds at Sephora updating your entire collection. Well for this Fall season consider the blotted lip your new, easy refresher. The Blotted Lip is a… Read More How To: Blotted Lips


A Polyvore Past

I’ve been trying to think of what kind of first post I wanted to write and nothing seemed to express the monumentality of it all. I didn’t just wake up one day and decided, yep let’s make a blog. It’s been on my mind for years and I feel like it’s only right to maybe… Read More A Polyvore Past