Elf Jelly Pop Collection Review

Today, July 10th, Elf Cosmetics launched their limited edition Jelly Pop Collection. This collection is a combination of skincare and makeup products that are infused with watermelon in order to give the skin a hydrated and juicy glow. The Jelly Pop Collection includes: 4 lip glosses ($5), 2 face and eye glosses ($6), 2 blushes ($6), a watermelon cleanser ($8), gel moisturizer ($8), primer ($10), and a stipple brush ($8). The unique jelly texture of each product is a definite selling point especially during a time when dewy skin is in. 

Another addition to this collection is a mini kit that includes a travel size of the dewy primer, full size cherry lip gloss, and full size face and eye gloss in the shade icy pop. This kit retails for $15. I was able to snag the last one from the Ulta on Michigan Ave. here in Chicago, so here are my first impressions and thoughts on these 3 products from the Elf Jelly Pop Collection 

elf jelly pop juicy gloss

Lip Gloss

The lip glosses in this collection come in 4 shades: watermelon, apricot, grape, and cherry (the one included in the kit.) I naturally gravitate to anything peach related so I really wanted to try the apricot gloss, but I ended up going with the kit since it had more to try. My initial worry was that the cherry lip gloss was going to have the medicinal cherry scent/flavor that I just absolutely hate, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t the case. The gloss has a fruity scent, could be watermelon, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. I do know it smells amazing tho. The gloss is a nice texture, not at all sticky, and almost feels like a glossy lip balm. It gives a very slight reddish pink tint to the lips. It’s reminiscent of jello in the color, texture, and scent. This week Glossier released a new gloss shade in red and I feel like this could be a dupe. For $5 I would recommend picking up one of these especially if you’re looking for a throwback squeezy tube gloss that leaves the lips looking hella juicy.

elf jelly pop face and eye gloss

Face and Eye Gloss

At first glance the shade Icy Pop looked like it was going to be extremely pigmented and I wasn’t thrilled at the thought of having a glittery silver stripe running across my face. After using it I found that it is definitely more of a clear gloss with beautiful shimmer running through. While glitter/shimmer is never going to look natural, I feel like this doesn’t look horrifically overbearing. I applied a cream highlighter first and then a few dots of the gloss on top to intensify the dew. It resulted in a really nice look. The gloss is definitely a glossy texture so be prepared for it to stay sticky the whole day. For this reason, I would suggest only applying a small amount. I don’t quite think this is a super must have because the same look could be achieved with applying some lip balm or a lip gloss on the high points of the cheek, but it is cute. I like the added glitter and I will definitely reach for it when I want to kick a dewy look up a notch.

elf jelly pop dew primer

Dew Primer

The full size of this primer contains 1.01 fl oz. while the travel sized sample is .61 fl oz. This primer claims to act as a hydrating “glue” for your face that helps makeup stay on longer with the added benefit of containing skin loving ingredients. A quick scan through the ingredients list does look promising. Near the top of the list are ingredients such as glycerin (a humectant that draws in and holds moisture) and niacinamide (can help heal acne and even out skin tone.) In the description of the product it boasts that it includes hyaluronic acid, however, I don’t see it in the ingredients list. Now I don’t know a lot about skincare/beauty ingredients or chemicals so it’s possible I’m skipping over or missing something, but I do find that strange.

When first applying I definitely felt that sticky glue like texture that is a claim for this product. I’m not a huge primer fan; the most I’ll do is apply moisturizer before makeup application and sometimes use a pore filling primer. I don’t consider it a necessity in a routine so I don’t exactly know what to look out for. Since this is more of a first impression than anything else, I can’t speak for the claim of making makeup stay on longer. It didn’t feel particularly moisturizing or at least not in a revolutionary way. It does have a nice watermelon scent that is different from the lip gloss. I personally don’t mind fragrances, but I know that’s a deal breaker for many.

elf jelly pop collection swatches
(Left to right: Dew Primer, Face and Eye Gloss in Icy Pop, Lip Gloss in Cherry)

The packaging of this collection is perfect for the overall theme of it. I am a big sucker for packaging so I’d be lying if that wasn’t one of the things that first pulled me into the display. Again I can’t help but be reminded of jello when I look at it!

ulta display

Overall, I feel like this collection is very much hitting all the current beauty trends. Glossy makeup that can be easily applied with the hands is definitely popular at the moment and this supplies that demand in an affordable way in the drugstore. I do think this kit is worth checking out especially since you get to try out 3 different products within this collection. I feel like $15 is a bit steep for Elf, but their prices in general have been going up throughout the years. I would like to mention that at the moment there appears to be a misprint with the display at Ulta. On the display it says that the kit is $10 when in actuality it’s $15. I pointed it out to the worker at the store and was able to get it for the advertised price of $10. I’m not sure if this is everywhere and if so, how long it’ll be like that before there’s a change made. But if you want to get your hands on it, I’d go quick! 

What are your thoughts on this newest limited edition collection. Anything sparking your fancy? Planning on picking something up? Let me know in the comments below!

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