Favorite Tinted Lip Balms for the Summer

Summer officially starts tomorrow guys and let me just say it’s time to leave those matte liquid lipsticks at home. Opt instead for a juicy tint of color that will plump the lips rather than leave them as dry as the Sahara. These are a few of my favorite tinted lip balms for the summer.

tinted lip balms


Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm in Perfect Nude ($13.50) and Frank Body Lip Tint in Send Nudes ($11.95) are two nude tinted lip balms that I reach for whenever I’m looking for a hint of color. Both of these have a very similar “my lips, but better tint,” but Lanolips is a bit more on the rosey side vs the traditional nude brown of the Frank Body tint. These are my favorites to take on the go because the shades go with anything and are super easy to apply without a mirror.


During the summer, a peachy coral shade is one of my favs to pair with a bronze eye. Something about that color pairing just screams summer to me! Two of my go to’s are the Go-To Skincare Pinky Nudey Lips ($13) ((no pun intended)) and the Nivea Tinted Lip Balms ($3.) Contrary to the name, the Go-To Skincare tinted lip balm isn’t really a pinky nude at all, it definitely falls more on the coral spectrum. This particular brand is only available in Australia so ordering online is the only way to get it in the US. If you do decide to try it out and want to make paying for shipping worth it, I also recommend their face oil. Nivea also has really great tinted lip balms. The one that I have is in the shade Sheer Coral, however, I don’t think they make it anymore (I know, I’m pretty sad about it too,) however, they do have many other shade options. Based on swatches I’ve seen, their closet shade to the one that I have would be their balm in the shade Peach.


Now onto my absolute favorite tinted lip balm shade, the reds. I think a sheer and glossy red lip can liven up any look and can easily be used as a matching blush. Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose ($12) and Frank Body Lip Tint in Cherry Bomb ($11.95) are by far my most used tinted lip balms. These two shades are similar, however, Cherry Bomb from Frank Body stays on the sheerer side while Wild Rose from Korres can be built up to a pretty intense red. Both of these also smell incredible. Cherry Bomb smells like Cherry Twizzlers while Wild Rose smells like rose jam that can be found in fresh pączki. Definitely a must try!


While I don’t wear pinks very often, no one can deny the beauty of a soft pink tint to the lips. Dior Lip Glow in Pink Glow ($34) is a color changing tinted lip balm that changes to match and create the perfect shade for your skintone. The price of this lip balm is absolutely bananas, but it is such an interesting, let alone gorgeous, product. If you’re not willing to spend that much on a lip balm (can’t blame ya) then there are plenty of dupes. Elf Cosmetics has a near exact dupe for only $6. Now I can’t vouch for the formula or that it’ll be as luxurious feeling as Dior, but if you’re just interested in the experience then check it out.

I’ve truly went a little crazy over tinted lip balms within the recent months, but can you really blame me? If you have any particular favorites, please share in the comment below so that I can continue growing my completely unnecessary collection!

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