Top 5 Extra Af Skincare Tools

If you’re anything like me, taking the time each day to pamper your skin and body is super important. It’s a time to unwind, relax, and take those few minutes of a busy day and use them for you and only you. My nightly ritual has become a somewhat sacred routine that I look forward to each night and what’s a near sacred routine without a little extraness. Here are my top 5 extra af skincare tools that make each day a special pamper sesh.

roser quartz roller, skincare tool


I’m sure all of you by now have seen or at least heard of jade/crystal rollers. These rollers are used to relieve puffiness in the skin, improve the circulation of blood, and promote lymphatic drainage (basically moves all of the bad fluids to be filtered before reaching the heart.) Amongst these great benefits it also helps product sink into the skin and just overall feels amazing in the AM or PM. I’ll usually end my skincare routine by rolling the cool crystals from the center of my face outward, always keeping an upward motion (rolling downward can cause wrinkles.) While the roller is most commonly made of jade, I personally prefer rose quartz. Rose quartz is known as the love stone and promotes love of all kind, especially self love. If you’re looking to purchase this type of product be weary of cheap knock offs! They may look similar, but are made poorly and most likely not even contain actual crystal which sort of defeats the whole purpose.

dry brush, skincare tool


Much like the rose quartz roller, this product is used to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. Dry brushing also helps exfoliate the skin. I typically dry brush at night before showering, but it can be done in the mornings as well. I brush upwards across the body, always leading back to the heart because it’s best for circulation and is also where the lymph system drains. Avoid using excessive pressure, this is supposed to be a soothing and pleasant experience and is not supposed to feel like you’re ripping your skin off. Dry brushing feels so nice and I definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to really pamper their whole body.

silicone face mask, skincare tool


This is probably my most used skincare “tool” and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I like to sheet mask, a lot, but I hate not being able to move around in fear of having the mask slip and slide all over my face. This product is actually a life saver. It’s a silicone cover that you put over your mask, loop around your ears and that’s basically it! It looks truly horrific and terrifying, but the benefits outweigh the fact that you’ll probably give everyone in your household nightmares for the next few weeks. The best part is that this can be found on amazon for pretty cheap. That means you, yes you! Can also be a horrific ogre like monster with the added benefit of having beautifully soft skin.

copper wand, skincare tool


Now even this is a bit extra and boujee in my opinion, but it feels so damn good. This copper wand is used to apply under eye cream. It feels like the rose quartz roller in the sense that it helps reduce puffiness and feels cooling on the skin. I really like this product because it’s great if you have an eye cream that comes in a little pot. I personally don’t reeeeally mind having open container skincare products because I always make sure to wash my hands before touching any of it, but I know many people have an aversion to it. This tool is great because you can use it to scoop out however much you need and apply it straight to the under eyes. I have really puffy eyes in the mornings so I especially love using this then because it feels amazing and helps me wake up a bit.

foreo luna, skincare tool


The Foreo Luna is a silicone cleansing brush that is used to cleanse the skin. Many people swear by their Clarisonics and other mechanical cleansing brushes, however, personally, I feel like they would be too harsh for my skin. The Foreo Luna offers a gentler cleanse with the added benefit of not having to repurchase and replace brush heads because of the cleaner silicone cover. I will typically start off with a first cleanse that washes off any initial makeup or dirt on the face. The next cleanse is when I introduce the Foreo Luna. It includes a built in timer that tells you when to move onto the next quadrant of your face so that you don’t over cleanse one particular area. I really enjoy using this and I do feel like I get a deeper cleanse without completely stripping the skin and being rough.

None of these products are completely necessary and I can definitely get through day by day without using them, but that doesn’t mean that I want to. I love incorporating these 5 products into my skincare routine because it really adds to the overall experience. Self care can take many forms and mean different things for each person, but I think we can all agree giving ourselves a mini pamper day EVERYDAY can surely only be a positive thing.

Have any other extra af skincare tools that you think I should add into my arsenal? Let me know in the comments below!

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