Top Face Masks for Each Skin Type/Concern

Face masks are truly one of my favorite parts of my skin care routine. They usually have some type of immediate result, give me a feeling of pampering, and honestly, who doesn’t love a face mask selfie (pretty sure people on Instagram and Snapchat are sick of them by now.) With so many different kinds and types of masks out there it may be overwhelming or difficult to find one specifically for your skincare needs. No worries though,  here’s a round up of my favorite face masks for each skin type and concern.


Acne is no joke and trying to fight it usually makes things a lot worse. Whenever I have major breakouts I really try to avoid anything really harsh on my skin, exfoliating is gonna be a no no. Instead of further irritating my skin, I opt for something that will work to dry out the breakout and prevent it from getting worse. I love the Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Mask ($47) for this particular reason. I mainly use it as spot treatment to be honest, but it works great to calm down a red and aggressive looking breakout. Afterwards, I’ll usually go in with some type of honey mask. Honey is a known antibacterial which will be perfect for keeping acne from spreading further. It is also soothing which will feel great especially with cystic acne. The one I use at the moment is the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask ($30), but anything with honey, even straight manuka honey will work fine (opt for something with manuka honey. It comes from the Tea Tree which is another really great acne fighting, natural ingredient.) Best part is that you can keep it on for however long you need to.


With winter coming up, dry skin is going to be a major problem for a lot of people. No matter how much moisturizer you use, it just does not seem to be enough. During those times my go to’s are sleep masks. My all time favorite, holy grail, if you only buy one thing from all of these suggestions please for the love of God get this one, are the Sephora Sleeping Masks ($4). These guys are so incredible and they are only $4. Yeah you read that right. On the packaging it says that it’s a one time use, but for real there is enough product in each little pot for about 5 or 6 uses. You don’t need a whole lot. For an extra bit of moisture I’ll usually put this on top of my moisturizer or face oil and it sort of feels like it’s locking it in. In the morning you just rinse it off with water and I swear you’ll notice a difference. There are multiple types and each further targets certain skin concerns. My favorites are Pearl (perfecting and brightening) and Rose (ultra moisturizing and brightening.)

i dew care


Alright, who doesn’t like a good clay mask? It sucks all the access oil and most have added benefits. The I Dew Care ($20) sample face mask set comes with 5 different sample sizes to try out. Each one has a different purpose all while still being a clay mask. This set is great to try out multiple types of masks and finding out which actually works well for you. Great value and it’s not so surprisingly fun to try out all the different types. When I first bought the set I was worried I’d only get one or two uses from each, but there’s quite a bit of product in each pot. Haven’t finished one yet and I’ve used some three or more times!


Does your skin ever feel lack luster, run down, or well, dull? Disco Kitten ($23) is for you. This is a peel off face mask that legitimately leaves your skin brighter and more even toned after using it. I love using this one before a night out for an extra boost of radiance. Oh and this one is truly the most instagrammable mask from the whole bunch because it is an actual diamond silver color. Really sickening. Also, there’s just something weirdly satisfying about a peel off mask.


Texture is probably my own personal struggle area and I haven’t quite found my perfect miracle product. However, I have noticed The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution ($8) does help. This is a very strong face mask that cannot be on for longer than 10 minutes. I repeat, do not leave this one on any longer. It burns almost as soon as it touches my skin and is very intense. If you have sensitive skin, stay away. BUT if you’ve read through reviews and feel like your skin can handle it, go for it. It’s also a dupe for the Drunk Elephant Baby Facial that everyone’s been going crazy over, but significantly less expensive (like a $70+ difference….)


I’m sure everyone has either used or at least heard of these, but Biore strips ($8) are one of the only products I’ve found that actually clean out my pores. I don’t recommend using them often because it’s actually pretty bad to be ripping out blackheads like that, but once in a while when things get bad, then this is a life saver. The Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask ($26) is my favorite heavy duty lip balm. I apply it most nights before bed and my lips still feel great in the morning. I hate the feeling of dry lips and this combats it really well, I’ll even use it as a day time lip balm too.

These are all products that work for me, but by no means blindly follow these recommendations. Everyone knows their own skin best, but if you’re looking for something new and you’ve read plenty of reviews then go for it! Personally I love all of these products and I hope they work out for you!

As you can tell, love me a good face mask so if you have any recommendations of your own, leave them in the comments below!

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